Prairie Flower Montessori School is a wonderland of discovery in which an atmosphere of peace prevails. Licensed as a daycare by the State of Illinois, we operate as a preschool, offering a stimulating curriculum that adheres to Maria Montessori’s principles and practices regarding early childhood development.

In support of the younger child’s burgeoning independence, we utilize the full array of Montessori materials to promote the acquisition of practical life skills such as food preparation, housekeeping, needlework, and basic visual arts.

As the child grows, engagement involving his or her senses continues. Language is integrated into every activity and when developmentally ready, the tools for reading and writing are introduced. A variety of exercises in mathematics, natural sciences such as botany, zoology, and geology, and fine arts like painting, collage, and music are incorporated into an individualized, hands-on approach.

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A Home Away From Home

Our school has a welcoming, “homey” vibe, with wood floors and natural lighting throughout. We provide on-site lunch preparation in compliance with state nutritional guidelines, providing a “family-style” dining experience that emphasizes good table manners, sharing, and conversation. After lunch, younger children can rest in a quiet, isolated napping area.

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Whether it’s daily walks up the hill through the woods to our barn, or expeditions to hunt for frogs along the edge of the pond, our students are routinely exposed to the outdoors, a cornerstone of the Montessori philosophy. Children enjoy a large, secure play area replete with equipment like swings, slides, climbers, and see-saws. Large planters display our many horticultural activities. In May, on Earth Day, staff, students, and families converge on the school for spring cleaning, gardening, and landscaping.

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Following the cosmopolitan ideals of the Association Montessori Internationale, we strongly believe in and practice the principles of diversity, inclusiveness, and openness at Prairie Flower Montessori. There’s an active social calendar, too — we recently celebrated our 25th Anniversary, hosting a reunion party that was well-attended by both current and alumni staff, students, and families.

We would love to have you join us on this amazing journey!